A development framework for arch projects

Arch development projects have a common structure: a project is created with the goal of completing an architectural project that aims to develop a public space or a building.While each project is different, the main design goal is to create a building that has a distinctive appearance that is similar to an existing building.The project […]

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How to make a great development project

article I started developing an AngularJS application in AngularJS, which I found very easy to do, but also hard to use.AngularJS allows you to easily add and manage dependencies and services, but the complexity is overwhelming for beginners.After a while, you’ll be forced to learn new concepts that might not be obvious at first glance, […]

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How to set up your own smart contract development framework for Ethereum smart contract developers

By adding a blockchain, Ethereum smart contracts can be written to perform many tasks without requiring complex or expensive software.With a project development framework such as Ethereum Core or Solidity, developers can write simple, self-contained contracts to interact with the blockchain without requiring a large, complicated implementation.With these frameworks, the developer can use a variety […]

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Why we’re bringing you this

article A new development project in London has a lot of new features.One of them is that it is built entirely with the Raspberry Pi.We’ve written a new article on that project, and the first part of it is about the development framework.If you’ve not yet done so, you might want to read that first.You’ll […]

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‘Crescent development projects’ will be approved by Queensland Government

Brisbane’s biggest developer has started to deliver its first “crescent” development projects with the state Government.The Crescent Development Project Authority said the first three projects would be finished by the end of this year.“The Crescent Project will help deliver economic growth for our region and provide a sustainable and secure future for our residents,” Ms […]

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