How to set up your own smart contract development framework for Ethereum smart contract developers

By adding a blockchain, Ethereum smart contracts can be written to perform many tasks without requiring complex or expensive software.With a project development framework such as Ethereum Core or Solidity, developers can write simple, self-contained contracts to interact with the blockchain without requiring a large, complicated implementation.With these frameworks, the developer can use a variety […]

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“Why we’re doing this”

This week on All Things D, we’ve been asked about how our project development team is using GitHub and how we plan to keep it that way.The short answer is: we use GitHub because it’s a great platform to build projects on, and it’s very easy to use.There’s no real reason to use other tools, […]

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How to avoid a major project in Florida

The project that would make an anacostian development site in the heart of the city of Jacksonville better known has been delayed, but it’s unlikely to go ahead.Anacostes was awarded the $60 million contract by the state in January.It’s the first major industrial development project for the $5 billion project, which has been stalled for […]

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Sarasota Development Projects (SDP) in Australia are the most affordable in the world, according to a report

Posted September 16, 2019 17:27:27 Sydney’s Westfield development project, which has been dubbed Sydney’s “Golden Generation” due to its rapid rise in population, is currently in the process of acquiring the development rights to land owned by the City of Sydney.The project, developed by Sydney Development Partners (SDP), has been awarded the exclusive rights to […]

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