Senate GOP backs $3B in aid for the state of New York

The Senate on Thursday voted to approve $3 billion in economic development aid for New York.The Senate passed the bill by a vote of 50-50, with Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) voting in favor of it.Democrats opposed the bill, which they said would hurt small business owners and small businesses, the elderly and people with disabilities.The […]

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How to develop a simple character animation project

Developer’s guide to creating simple character animations using C++ source Ars Techica title 10 things to know about the new C++11 standard article Ars Technic article A lot of what you read about the C++ standard is pretty boring.The language and its implementations are simple, and the standard isn’t really about any particular area of […]

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Which Gundam series do you want to watch next?

With the Gundam franchise having reached the milestone of 100 episodes, the creators of the critically acclaimed series have now decided to end their franchise.The official Twitter account of Studio Deen , the studio behind the series, announced on Friday that the show’s 50th episode will air on July 25.The series will also be ending […]

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