How to develop an A-Z of campus development projects

A-z of campus developments: where are the best places to get started?There are many ways to approach this problem.But what are the most effective ways to start a new project?To answer this question, we turned to the research of the A-zone consultancy A-Zone, whose expertise is in the field of campus infrastructure design.They identified 10 […]

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Which projects are making the most money in Australia?

By MATTHEW MURRAYThe AP’s Matt Murphy has more than 400 projects in Australia and New Zealand.His list includes some of the world’s biggest companies, including Microsoft, Facebook and Netflix.Here’s what you need to know:WHAT’S AT THE TOP?Here are the top 25 Australian and New Zealander development projects.1.Anacostias Development Projects, $10.5 billion: A $1 billion plan […]

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Why the Denver-Dakota River is still getting dirtier

The Denver-Delta region has long been plagued by the Dakota Access Pipeline’s toxic wastewater spill.The water contamination has caused the deaths of at least one Native American and hundreds of other people.Now, a new study suggests that another pipeline, the Keystone XL, is even more likely to cause environmental harm than the Dakota.The study is […]

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How to avoid a major project in Florida

The project that would make an anacostian development site in the heart of the city of Jacksonville better known has been delayed, but it’s unlikely to go ahead.Anacostes was awarded the $60 million contract by the state in January.It’s the first major industrial development project for the $5 billion project, which has been stalled for […]

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