ARRL to lease Perth’s ‘biggest open data center’

Perth, Australia’s largest independent data center operator, has secured a lease for a $3.5 million, 7.8-acre data center at the University of Western Australia.The facility will house the Perth International Centre for Computational Science (WICCS) which is the world’s largest open data hub.WICCS is Australia’s biggest open data data center, hosting about 4.7 million records […]

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How to set up your own smart contract development framework for Ethereum smart contract developers

By adding a blockchain, Ethereum smart contracts can be written to perform many tasks without requiring complex or expensive software.With a project development framework such as Ethereum Core or Solidity, developers can write simple, self-contained contracts to interact with the blockchain without requiring a large, complicated implementation.With these frameworks, the developer can use a variety […]

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What to know about the Omani project

Omani development projects are being eyed as possible partners in the UAE’s plan to build a mega-city, which will encompass several major development projects.The UAE has been looking at the possibility of a mega city for years, and has been trying to develop several such projects in the past.Oman’s plans have also received interest from […]

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How to get a better deal on home renovations

Here’s how to find the best deals on home improvements for your needs and budget.1.Home repairs and maintenance — If you need to repair your home and want to be able to get on the market as soon as possible, here’s how.A home repair or maintenance service provider will offer you the most money for […]

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