Anish Kaul, the director of the Oscar-nominated ‘Pamela’ and ‘Passion’ and the first Indian to direct a major motion picture in the US, has been tapped to helm the next instalment of the series.

The project will star Anish Kalpa, who starred in the Oscar winning films ‘Papillon’ and’Cannibal’ with his wife Anjali Kapoor, who is also the co-writer and producer of the project.

The film is being directed by Kapoor himself, with ‘Viking’ director Shashi Kapoor also producing.

Kapoor has been credited with making an Indian film for the first time, and his film has won the Grand Jury prize in a number of categories.

The first film to win the Grand Prix was the acclaimed ‘Pavilion’ (2012), which was the first film in India to win three Oscars at the same time.

Anish Kapur’s ‘Valkyrie’ will be the first in a new series of films based on characters and themes from the mythology of Norse mythology.

Kapur will write, direct and produce.

It is expected to be released by 2019.