The top C++ development project developments of 2017 have been announced.

The list was compiled by an independent group of developers and published in The C++ Project Digest.

Here’s what we know so far: 1.

C++11: C++17 will be released in 2018.


Coding with the C++ Standard: The new C++ standard will replace the existing C++14 and C++20, and will enable new functionality, such as object-oriented design and the concept of encapsulation, that has never been possible in the language.


CMake 3.5: CMake, the popular CMake tool, is a tool that helps you quickly build C++ applications.

It will replace Visual Studio Code, which will remain.


Cython: The Python language is a dynamic language that can be used to write C++ programs.

The new version of Python, Python 3.4, will be the first release to support Cython.


The PyPy project: The PyCon 2018 talks were the first time the project has been publicly announced, and the developer has been working on it for several years.

This project is designed to make it easier for developers to easily create C++ libraries for PyPy, Python and the other popular Python languages.


OpenCV: The OpenCV tool will make it easy for developers, and in some cases, even machine learning experts, to create, run and analyze image recognition and object recognition applications.


CVS: The CVS version of Git is a powerful tool for organizing, maintaining and contributing code.


Go: The Go programming language is widely used in enterprise software development, and has become the de facto standard language for modern software development.


Rust: The Rust programming language was originally developed by Mozilla and Mozilla-owned Google.

It has been extended with many improvements.


Python 3: Python 3 is the language of the web, and it has become a popular choice for the web development community.


Python 2: Python 2 is the first and only Python-based language.


Python 0.9.3: Python 0, released in 2009, was the last major version of the language to come out of Google’s open source projects.

The version 0.99.4 was released in February 2018.


Ruby: Ruby is a popular programming language for server-side development and production use, and is used by the majority of the Fortune 500 companies.


Clang: Clang is a cross-platform C++ compiler and tools, and its developers have been working for a number of years to port the language’s functionality to C++.


C#: The .NET programming language, the successor to the C# language, was released by Microsoft in 2007.

It is one of the most widely used programming languages for the Windows operating system.


Java: The Java programming language came out of Microsoft’s Visual Studio team in 2009 and was a successor to .NET.


Lua: Lua is a programming language and library library, developed by Microsoft and available for both Windows and Mac OS X. 18.

Swift: Swift is a language and scripting language that runs on the iOS platform.

It comes with many new features that make it the most popular programming environment for developers.


Julia: Julia is a development environment for creating Python programs.

It was recently released as a cross platform toolkit.


Ruby on Rails: Rails is a web-based framework that was first developed by Google in 2008 and is now being used by dozens of web companies.


Python: Python is the standard library of the Python programming language.


Node.js: Node.JS is a JavaScript framework that has been used by millions of companies worldwide.


Cray: Cray is a data analytics company that uses Python and Node.

JS for its data analysis.

24. The website for Go.

Org, which is run by the Go team, is the most visited website in the world.


LuaJIT: LuaJit is a Java-based programming language that provides tools for building high performance JavaScript applications.


Java EE 7: The JEE 7 framework has been a popular target of JavaScript developers.


Visual Studio: The Visual Studio development environment is used for development of C++, C#, C++ (Node.js), C++ web applications, and Java and Python.


Coda: Coda is a high-performance open source project to enhance the speed and reliability of Java applications.


Rustlang: Rust is a dynamically typed programming language used to build web applications.


PyPy: PyPy is a Python implementation of Cython that was originally released in 2017.


Lua 5.0: Lua 5 is a new language designed to replace Cython and provide more features for C++ programmers.


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