Posted November 08, 2018 09:54:49 Sydney’s $4.5 billion redevelopment plan for Sydney’s CBD has sparked fears it could cost as much as $4bn to complete, with the plan set to be unveiled next week.

Key points:The council is looking at the construction and operation of a new, 24-hour bus service between Sydney’s Central Business District and the suburbsThe scheme would see the bus route from the CBD to the suburbs be extended and relocated to its new terminus in the Northern BeachesCommunity and housing associations have expressed concerns about the cost of the projectThe Sydney City Council is set to unveil a plan for the redevelopment of Sydney’s central business district on Monday, which will see a new 24-hours bus service from the Central Business Area to the CBD.

Key point:The plan would see a bus route be extended from the centre of Sydney to the inner suburbs and then be relocated to a new termini in the northern Beaches.

Key things to know about the Central business district:It will extend from the city’s central bus station to the northern suburb of Caulfield and then move to the Northern Beach.

The Central Business area was the heart of the CBD before the Great Western line opened in the 1980s.

Its area is home to the city-owned Caulfields, including the CBD, Southbank and the City of Sydney.

The plan will see the Central Bus route extended to the south-east of the city, which is the area where the current bus terminus is located.

It will then move back to the centre to its current terminus at Parramatta Park.

The move will take place after a period of construction and will occur on an interim basis.

In its submission to the NSW Government, the City Council highlighted concerns about its proposed relocation scheme, saying it would mean a loss of a bus service that has been available for more than a decade.

The City Council has said it was willing to consider the cost to move the service back, but the proposal was not yet finalised.

“The relocation of the Central bus service is expected to cost $4 million to complete,” it said in its submission.

“This is on top of the $3.8 million already spent on the project to date.”

In this instance, we are proposing to build a new bus terminal on the existing bus station at Parlimatta Park.”‘

It’s a really good plan’The Council’s submission was signed by the council’s chief executive, John Graham, and highlighted concerns that the scheme could increase the cost.”

It’s not just a matter of the cost, it’s about the time and effort that goes into developing a project like this,” Mr Graham said.”

There are no easy answers and the plan will need to be developed on a case-by-case basis.

“Community and development association president Ian Taylor said the Central scheme was not a good plan, adding that it was important to “look at how much the money would be required to build this bus service”.”

The council needs to do the due diligence before committing any money to the project,” Mr Taylor said.

Mr Taylor also criticised the cost as “very low”.”

It is a really, really good project and I think it would be a very good solution if the government were to commit to it, but it’s not yet decided,” he said.

The council will not release a full cost estimate for the scheme until it has had time to assess the viability of the proposal.

The proposed relocation of Central bus services has been controversial for decades.

In the early 1990s, the state government gave the Central District Council the power to build bus services to the new city centre from the northern suburbs.

In 2005, the council took the option of building a new service from Parramattop, which was already home to a commuter bus service.

But the new service was cancelled in 2016 due to the high cost of constructing a new road, which had been earmarked for the new route.

The current Central Bus service has been operating since 2007.

Mr Graham said the council was looking at a new route, which would include a new stop at Parlamatta Park and a new line of buses to the eastern suburbs.”

We want to build on what has worked well and do a better job,” he told the ABC.”

But the council is not saying how much it will cost.