Trump Organization executives have been pushing the development of the new Trump-branded building at Sterling Point in Bermuda, which they have called a “greenfield” project that would provide jobs for locals and improve the local economy. 

The Trump Organization is leasing the land, and the company’s CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the project would create 200 construction jobs.

Katzenberg said that the Trump-led Trump International Golf Club would also help boost the local tourism economy.

The Trump Organization has been pushing for more golf courses and golf resorts in Bermuda for years, and it recently secured a 50-year lease at the famous Punta Gorda Golf Club. 

In a statement to NBC News, Trump said the project will help “add millions of dollars in economic activity” and that the new project will create jobs for local people. 

Katzenberg said the Trump organization will be hiring 50 to 100 locals to work on the project. 

“We are in a unique position to bring jobs and jobs to the communities that will benefit from the project,” Katzenbberg said. 

But locals have raised concerns about how the new resort will affect local communities. 

Earlier this year, the Bermuda Board of Tourism voted to reject plans to build two golf courses on the site. 

 The resort is also planning to build golf courses in two neighboring areas. 

Trump’s company has already signed contracts for the construction of two golf properties in the resort’s neighboring communities.