By the time the dust settles on the 2018 Sydney Olympics, there’s plenty of time for more of the big ideas to make the jump to the next generation.

From the future of health to a new era of public transport, there are a number of projects which are set to make their way to the cityscape.

Here are some of the biggest ideas that we’ve come across, which we’re excited to share with you.1.

A new tram lineThe Sydney tram line will run from the Western Flinders Street station to the CBD.

Its not clear if it will be a new tram or an extension of the existing line.

Its a great idea that could be a huge boon to Sydneysiders, with the potential to improve the experience.2.

A public library on the groundThere’s a great opportunity to expand public library services and help revitalise inner city neighbourhoods by putting them on the street.

It could even become a major hub for local arts and cultural events.3.

A park and play centreIn the future, people will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the city while relaxing on the beach or in a hammock.

A park and playspace could be an amazing place for kids to learn and enjoy nature.4.

A pedestrian tunnelIn the meantime, people with mobility issues could enjoy a public tunnel that connects to the train station.5.

A mixed-use development in the CBDA new development could become the next landmark to be built along the CBD, a mixed-purpose development in a vibrant part of Sydney.

It would include a residential tower and a hotel.6.

A walkable streetIn the city centre, there could be lots of walkable streets to encourage people to use their bikes and walk, with bike lanes.

It may also encourage the introduction of cycle tracks.7.

A bridge on the River TyneIt’s a big dream for the city, but there’s also a lot of interest from residents in the city who are worried about the river and want to see it transformed.8.

A cycle track on the Sydney Harbour BridgeThe Harbour Bridge is an iconic part of the CBD and could be used as a cycle track.

A cycle track could help improve the area and would help encourage cycling.9.

A car-free inner-city shopping areaIt could be exciting to see a new, car-friendly shopping area on the inner-cities outskirts.

This could be the kind of shopping destination which attracts people from the inner suburbs to the outer suburbs, and could attract people to live in the outer-ring suburbs as well.10.

A bike-share schemeOne of the major reasons we’re pushing for more cycling is to increase cycling infrastructure.

A scheme like Bike-Share is the answer to making cycling more accessible and affordable to people with disabilities.11.

A multi-use centreIn Sydney, there is a lack of mixed- use centres and a lack to be found in the suburbs.

A multi-purpose centre could offer a huge boost to the area, attracting a range of activities and activities for people to enjoy.12.

A small city parkA small town park could become an important part of a larger mixed-user neighbourhood, such as the city or the inner north.13.

A sustainable urban farmThere’s also the potential for a green and sustainable farming centre to be created in the inner city, providing food and fresh produce to people who need it.14.

A large pedestrian bridgeThe city is often said to be the world’s most urbanised city, with an increasing number of people living in the cities core.

There is a need to improve pedestrian safety in the area.15.

A modern office parkThe office park could be something that is not only great for the residents of the inner and outer suburbs but for the business and leisure facilities in the community.16.

A giant solar energy systemThe City of Sydney has a huge energy grid which is the largest in the world.

A giant solar power system could provide electricity for the entire city, as well as a massive network of energy storage and renewable energy storage.17.

A green shopping centreA shopping centre could be great for shoppers who want to shop nearby, but want to have a place to stay.

It’s an opportunity to encourage more people to shop and shop locally, with a great range of products and services available to choose from.18.

A ‘green’ restaurantThis restaurant concept could be just what Sydney needs to make a major contribution to its green agenda.19.

A massive tree canopyThis project could be fantastic for the environment and for the people living and working in the central and inner-ring of the City of London.20.

A huge bike parking lotThe bike parking is a big issue for people in the north and inner suburbs, but it could be huge for those living in inner-urban Sydney.

This is an opportunity for people living outside the inner cities to have access to a large area of the north-east of Sydney for