The Jio, the world’s biggest telecoms company, is expected to roll out its global mobile phone services on July 11.

Its flagship device, the J1, will be the first phone to feature a 5G network.

The company is also expected to launch its global messaging platform, Zoo, which will be available for download in the coming weeks.

In India, the country with the second-largest smartphone market in the world, the new technology could have an impact on the entire Indian mobile phone market.

This could create a bottleneck for Jio’s rivals.

According to a report by a Mumbai-based consultancy firm, the company’s rollout is a “very critical milestone” for the company.

The firm has suggested that Jio will face the challenges of its competitors in the Indian market.

“The company’s ability to scale and maintain momentum is crucial to its success, but this will also be a challenge for its rivals,” said Ajay Chavan, chief executive officer at RBC Capital Markets.

“We expect Jio to be the next big thing in the global market in terms of scale, which is the most important metric in terms for profitability and profitability of a business.

It will be very difficult for any rival to match Jio in terms to scale.”

According to the consultancy firm Citi, Jio is likely to set a world record for a telecoms operator to reach 1 billion users by the end of the year.