Dublin city council has released figures showing that a total of €13.3m of public money was raised for the development of its back-ends.

Dublin City Council (DCC) said it had secured a total sum of €10.3 million for the new “city centre” of Cork and Wicklow.

The figure was part of a wider funding programme of €5.2m for the Cork City Council’s “city-wide programme”.

Dublin Mayor Eamon Gilmore said the funds raised for Cork’s “front-line” project were crucial to the city’s long-term economic development.

He said the money would be used to create a new centre of excellence for the city and the region.

The €10m for Cork was part the €5m funding announced earlier this month to help Dublin meet its ambitious €1.8bn deficit target for the coming financial year.

This was an “essential step” for the Dublin city region, Mayor E. Gilmore said, adding that it would “significantly increase” Cork’s competitiveness and “provide a boost to local businesses”.

“The funding is vital for the future growth of the city of Cork, and we are very proud of the fact that we have been able to secure this support,” he said.

In addition, Cork city council received €1m in support from a €1 million “finance package” from the State for the construction of a new park and green space in the city.