This is the first in a series of articles looking at 10 of the most exciting and promising development projects in Portland.

For each project, we’ll look at the projects current progress and its potential to create new, meaningful jobs for people in Portland and beyond.

Here are the 10 projects in this series.10.

The Portland WaterfrontPortland is the largest city in the state of Oregon and the second largest city after Portland.

It is also the home of the Port of Portland, home to Portland Water and Portland Convention Center.

The Port of Tacoma is one of the largest and most recognizable commercial ports in the world.

The port has been in operation since 1912, when it was first established.

The Tacoma, WA port is one the busiest ports in all of the United States.

In 2018, it opened its first container ship and it’s second container ship.

The first container to cross the Pacific was loaded with nearly 7,500 containers and the third was loaded in May 2018.

The city has a population of over 8 million.

The port is a major hub for international shipping and it is home to the largest container port in the United Kingdom, which is home of a large and growing international container market.

The Port of Seattle is also home to a large international container port, but its a much smaller one than Tacoma.

The Portland Convention and Exhibition Center (PEC) is a two-story building that houses the Portland Convention & Exposition Center.

It opened in 1974 and is a three-year-old project that was originally supposed to be complete in 2019.

But then a major fire damaged the building in 2018 and the facility was never finished.

In 2020, the PEC was reopened to the public, but the building was still never completed.

In 2019, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales made a commitment to create a new, sustainable and equitable waterfront.

The new plan called for the development of the Pacific Gateway and a new waterfront park.

The waterfront park was designed to create an urban, vibrant environment that will serve as an anchor to the new Portland waterfront.

In 2019, the city of Portland received a $100 million grant to help finance the project.

In 2021, the new project was approved by the state and the port was officially opened to the general public.

The project is currently under construction and it will be finished in 2026.

The project is designed to be an environmentally sustainable and economically viable waterfront development project.

According to a statement released by the city, “The project will enhance the existing Port of Vancouver, increase port access and improve access to and from the waterfront for visitors, businesses, residents and workers.”

In 2018, the Port Authority of Portland (PBOT) announced that they will build the first phase of the Gateway project, which includes a new terminal, pedestrian walkway and a retail plaza, on a waterfront that is about 100 square miles (1,800 square kilometers).

The new Gateway project is expected to be completed in 2022.

The Gateway project has been a huge success, generating over $600 million in tax revenues, and a $6.3 billion economic impact.

The $6 billion in revenue generated is expected directly to the port, as well as other economic activity.

The Gateway project was also a major catalyst for the creation of the Portland International Airport (PIA).

The Gateway Project is an example of how the waterfront can be an anchor for economic development and growth.

In the first year of the project, the Gateway Project generated more than $4.2 billion in economic activity, $5.4 billion in tax revenue and $2.6 billion to the city.

The total economic impact is estimated to be $14.3 million annually.

The expansion and development of this project has already had a positive impact on the economic vitality of the city and has helped boost the city’s local economy.

The gateway project has generated a lot of economic activity as well, but it has also generated a great deal of concern and criticism for a variety of reasons.

The community is concerned about noise and congestion on the waterfront, but they also want to see more development in the area and the Gateway area is in the middle of a major development corridor that will help to attract a lot more people.

The public is concerned that there will be more noise, which could impact the local waterfront environment.

They also feel that there is a lot going on at the airport and it could become an unsafe place for people to be.

In addition, the project will create a massive amount of traffic that will impact the economy, traffic flow, access to restaurants and shops, and people’s access to the water.

There are also concerns about the environmental impact of the construction, the waste that is being produced, and the impacts on the nearby waterfront.

We know from other cities that the Gateway expansion has already contributed to more pollution, pollution that has led to the death of birds, fish, and other wildlife.

The community has also been concerned that the construction will not be able to