When will the Jio phone be available in the US?

The Jio, the world’s biggest telecoms company, is expected to roll out its global mobile phone services on July 11.Its flagship device, the J1, will be the first phone to feature a 5G network.The company is also expected to launch its global messaging platform, Zoo, which will be available for download in the coming weeks.In […]

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A development framework for arch projects

Arch development projects have a common structure: a project is created with the goal of completing an architectural project that aims to develop a public space or a building.While each project is different, the main design goal is to create a building that has a distinctive appearance that is similar to an existing building.The project […]

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Which one of these companies is the best for you?

The most recent batch of new corporate names for the world’s most valuable companies was announced Friday.And while the list was largely expected to be dominated by large tech companies, a new crop of smaller ones also appeared on the list, including a few that make it onto the list.Here’s what we learned about the […]

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How to make a great development project

article I started developing an AngularJS application in AngularJS, which I found very easy to do, but also hard to use.AngularJS allows you to easily add and manage dependencies and services, but the complexity is overwhelming for beginners.After a while, you’ll be forced to learn new concepts that might not be obvious at first glance, […]

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How to develop a simple character animation project

Developer’s guide to creating simple character animations using C++ source Ars Techica title 10 things to know about the new C++11 standard article Ars Technic article A lot of what you read about the C++ standard is pretty boring.The language and its implementations are simple, and the standard isn’t really about any particular area of […]

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