By MATTHEW MURRAYThe AP’s Matt Murphy has more than 400 projects in Australia and New Zealand.

His list includes some of the world’s biggest companies, including Microsoft, Facebook and Netflix.

Here’s what you need to know:WHAT’S AT THE TOP?

Here are the top 25 Australian and New Zealander development projects.1.

Anacostias Development Projects, $10.5 billion: A $1 billion plan to redevelop an abandoned farmhouse near Sydney’s north-west.2.

Anak, $3.2 billion: $1.9 billion for the development of a $2.5-billion, mixed-use development.3.

ANAO, $1-billion: $621 million for the construction of a new high-rise residential and retail tower near Newcastle.4.

ARP, $6.3 billion: The biggest private-public partnership project in Australia, with $2 billion in private investment and $1 million in public funding.5.

Arora, $2-billion; $2 million: The first residential development in Sydney’s western suburbs, which is set to house 1,600 homes.6.

ABC News, $4.6 billion: An Australian newspaper company that has built and sold newspapers around the world, including one that has a history of covering WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.7.

ABC Television, $8.4 billion: Two television stations that will be sold to a Chinese company that will then make it available on a number of devices, including Amazon’s Prime Video.8.

ABC TV, $7.8 billion: This $7 billion deal for Australian television will make it easier for people in China to watch ABC television.9.

ABC Studios, $5.8 million: A new media company that is developing Australian TV content.10.

ABC Radio, $600 million: This Australian television company will create a new broadcasting channel.11.

ABC Studio, $300 million: Another TV company that plans to make its Australian television content available on Apple TV.12.

ABC Sports, $400 million: An independent sports broadcaster that will develop and broadcast sports content on behalf of the AFL.13.

ABC Digital, $700 million: Launched in 2010, this $700-million project will help broadcasters to get access to Australian users.14.

ABC Sport, $500 million: Created in 2008, this company will offer Australian content to international viewers, including the NRL.15.

ABC, $200 million: Creates Australian television programming and a variety of media products.16.

ABC Live, $175 million: Developed in 2012, this new Australian television network will offer content from Australian broadcasters.17.

ABC3, $150 million: $80 million in financing from the Australian Government.18.

ABC1, $90 million: Funding from the Federal Government to develop a new national television station in Sydney.19.

ABC Entertainment, $75 million: Founded in 2014, this Australian television studio will offer new programming to viewers and a range of content.20.

ABC Online, $50 million: Australian media giant Ten has acquired digital content provider ABC Online and will now offer content to viewers in Australia.21.

ABC Kids, $20 million: ABC Kids is a multi-platform online television and radio program, including a children’s website.22.

ABCU, $30 million: Federal Government funding to establish a national network of Australian broadcasting outlets and services.23.

ABC2, $25 million: Government funding for a national online radio and digital television station, with an Australian content partner.24.

ABC Australia, $17 million: State-of-the-art digital and digital broadcasting technology.25.

ABC One, $15 million: Regional television stations will offer ABC One Australian programming.