A report published by the Halifax Development Project Review Committee says the Halifax development project teams have a green-light from the city to move forward with their projects.

The report recommends that the city conduct a thorough review of all the projects listed in the city’s Development Project Reports and provide feedback on their progress.

The committee also recommends that they include a detailed timeline of the project, its impact on the community, and any plans to modify or rezone the area.

Halifax was the first city to submit a development plan for a multi-family project, the committee said in a release.

The project report was prepared for Halifax Development and Development Services and the city planning department, but is being sent to the city for review.

The committee’s report was released Monday and calls on the city and the community to get involved in the planning process.

“The Halifax development teams have made excellent progress since their first report, and the City of Halifax has provided invaluable support to their efforts.

The City and community should continue to engage in the ongoing dialogue and engagement that will ensure that the Halifax communities development is in fact a success,” the report reads.

Halctonic Development Project Manager David D’Angelo said the project’s report is one of several that were released last month.

He said the report is an important document to help the city assess and plan for projects.

“We really wanted to get a sense of where the projects are, where we’re at and where we want to be,” D’angelo said.

“There’s a lot of information in this document that is not public yet, so the City has to keep looking at it to make sure it’s accurate and complete.”

Halifax’s development plans are in place for several residential projects, including three high-rise residential towers, two commercial buildings and three parking lots.

The city has also been working with local governments on its development plans, including the city of Halifax, the city-owned Halifax Development Corp. and the development companies.

“For the City, we have been working closely with all our partners to identify the best way to proceed, which is to begin the public consultation process with the public and provide them with the most up-to-date information,” D-7 Council member Mike Gorman said in the release.