NEW YORK — New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that the city would not allow a construction slowdown or construction slowdown on its waterfront until a new plan for the Hamilton Development Project is approved by state regulators.

De Blasio said in a statement that his administration “will not be accepting any delay” in permitting or approving the Hamiltons’ proposed projects, which would include an 11-story luxury condo tower, two-story office building, and a commercial building.

The projects have been stalled for years because of the city’s long-standing litigation with developer John Hamilton over the Hamilts’ failed redevelopment of a historic hamilton building in the 1970s.

DeBlasio said in the statement that the mayor’s office is consulting with state officials, including Gov.

Andrew Cuomo, about the city-wide moratorium on new construction for the projects.

De Blasio’s office had previously indicated that it would not approve the Hamilitons’ projects until the state had a new proposal for a long-delayed redevelopment.

Cuomo’s office on Friday said the governor was considering whether to delay the approvals of the projects until after the end of the summer, when the city will take its final steps toward submitting a new redevelopment plan for their projects.

The city’s plans call for the new buildings to be built at a cost of $100 million.

The Hamiltys have said they want to build them for $125 million.

Deblasio said he expects the delays to cause a significant delay in the completion of the buildings.

“We’ve already been putting a lot of work into them, and I’m confident that we’ll have an opportunity to finish them,” he said.

The Hamiltones are scheduled to receive about $12 million from the city and another $5 million from a group of developers led by the developer of the original development, John Hamilton, a local developer and former mayor.

DeVos, a Clinton appointee, is expected to announce her plans for the state this week.