Emeryland, Calif.

– Emery County is getting ready to build apartments, condos and a hotel in the historic downtown area of Emery.

The project is a combination of mixed-use developments that will be located along the downtown riverfront and adjacent to the California State University of Chico campus.

It is expected to include a hotel, office building and two new residential towers.

Emery is the first county in the nation to approve an Urban Residential project.

The $3 billion project includes more than 150 buildings in the downtown area.

It includes apartments, townhomes, office buildings, a parking garage, and a new community center.

The city is expected in the coming months to build the first apartment building, while the county is expected within a year to complete the second.

The developer says it will be completed by the end of 2019.

The developer is called Kiewit Properties.

It has developed more than a dozen projects in Emery, including a new apartment building in the former East Mission district, a condominium tower at the corner of Main Street and West 12th Avenue, and an office building at the intersection of the downtown and Mission streets.

In 2016, Kiewits completed a project in the city of Emeryli, a residential development in the heart of downtown.

Kiewits will begin building apartments in the new area in 2019.

The development is expected not only to create thousands of new jobs, but also to revitalize the downtown by attracting tourists to the city.

Kewits said in a news release that it will use “the best practices” in building and managing mixed-used development.

The developers said that they have built a reputation as a developer that has been able to build large, mixed-income, low-income housing projects and make significant economic returns for their investors.

“We have built projects that are highly productive in the real estate industry, have a strong track record of financial returns, and are consistently listed on real estate boards,” said Michael McBride, Emery’s deputy chief operating officer and senior vice president of real estate development.

“We have also been able in Emerys history to attract and retain investment from investors who have committed to our projects.”

The developers say they will also provide a variety of services to the local community.

Kipps said the development will be the first residential project in Emerylia and the first in the county since the city began construction on a new residential complex in the 1950s.

The building will include four townhousings and one hotel.

The development will also include an entertainment district.

The district includes the Emery Valley Theatre, a shopping plaza, and the main square.

Kijiji, the online video sharing service, will operate the project.

Kipps says that the entertainment district will feature a restaurant and entertainment area.

Kiwit Properties has partnered with Emery Mayor Scott Jones and County Executive Robert DeLuca to work with the city and county on the project, according to the release.

The release says that Kiewitz will also have “unprecedented financial leverage over the project as Emery grows.”

Kiewitz and Kippss said that the project will have a positive impact on the city’s economy, tourism and the city itself.

Kibbe said in the release that “Emeryland’s Urban Residential Program will deliver the economic, social and educational benefits that the city has sought for more than 30 years.”

The project is expected for completion in 2019, according the release, which says that “Kiewit’s experience and reputation as an architect and developer has proven invaluable to the county and our community.”

Kiwits has been in the business of real-estate development for almost 30 years, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and New York City.