Cambridge, Massachusetts, is in the throes of a housing boom.

The city has a population of just over 1 million, which makes it the fifth most populous in the country.

Cambridge has the highest concentration of high-density housing in the nation.

With its large number of developers, it is also home to the largest number of affordable housing units.

Cambridge recently became the second-most expensive housing market in the US to develop and opened up an ambitious $70 billion project to create more than 40,000 affordable housing rental units.

The project, dubbed Cambridge Residence, is the first of its kind in the United States.

MIT has been working with Cambridge’s developers to develop a community-based, affordable housing project, which will serve as a catalyst for affordable housing development throughout the state.

This project is a continuation of Cambridge Residences, a collaboration between MIT and the Cambridge Housing Association (CHA) that opened in March.

The CHA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing to Cambridge residents.

Cambridge Residents will be the first community-wide, affordable-housing project in the state of Massachusetts.

Cambridge’s CHA, which is owned by the MIT Foundation, plans to spend more than $2 billion on the project, including $1 billion on public housing, $500 million to build community gardens, $150 million to construct a water treatment plant and $25 million to renovate the town’s public swimming pool.

The group hopes that this project will make Cambridge the “first city in the world to build affordable housing in a sustainable way,” according to the CHA website.

Cambridge, Mass., was chosen to partner with CHA to create the project because the MIT campus is a major hub for MIT students.

Cambridge is also the home of the MIT Museum, which has opened its doors to the public since the 1980s.

In addition, the city has also hosted numerous academic conferences and events, including the annual MIT Open, which attracts tens of thousands of students from around the world.

The community is also looking forward to the project’s completion, according to MIT spokesman Dan Schmitz.

“Cambridge has always been a leader in creating a vibrant community of people who live and work together,” Schmitzy said.

“This project is the latest chapter in that process, and we look forward to continuing to work together as we continue to build our community and make Cambridge an even better place to live.”

A lot of people have been waiting for Cambridge’s affordable housing developments, and the city is ready to get this done.

“The project is really part of a bigger effort to create a thriving, healthy community in Cambridge,” CHA board member Jennifer R. Caudill told the Boston Globe.

“It’s going to give us a place to rent for the first time, which we have not had in quite a while.

We have seen a huge increase in rent prices in Cambridge, and this is an important step to get people out of the city.”

Cambridge has already announced plans for a community garden, which could also serve as an affordable housing site for Cambridge residents, though this is still in the planning stage.

In a press release, CHA said the community garden will be a place for residents to enjoy the plants and vegetables grown by the gardeners.

“Our community garden is the perfect place for Cambridgeans to take advantage of the garden and enjoy a meal with friends,” the CHP said.

The plan is to create an affordable, community-friendly community and will be “a place where people will have the opportunity to learn about and enjoy the gardens as they work together to build and maintain a more sustainable community.”

It is important to note that Cambridge has long been a community of renters.

Between 2006 and 2020, the number of people renting increased by an average of 17 percent, according the Cambridge News.

In order to build the affordable housing, the CHC said that Cambridge will need to “provide sufficient and affordable housing.”

According to a statement from the city, “The CHA has been engaged in discussions with Cambridge, MA for nearly five years.

The current city budget for the project was finalized in April of 2020, and Cambridge has approved the project for development under the Massachusetts Community Housing Act of 2000.

The City of Cambridge will utilize CHA funds for the construction of affordable rental units and community gardens for Cambridge tenants.

Cambridge also has developed a long-term plan to support its affordable housing goals through the implementation of a range of policies and programs, including a new Community Planning Initiative, a Comprehensive Plan, and a Comprehensive Master Plan.”

As the CHM reports, Cambridge is in an excellent position to build these projects.

The area has a lot of land, which can be used to build housing.

The MIT community is growing rapidly, and more and more Cambridge residents are looking to buy their homes.

Cambridge Housing, Cambridge’s nonprofit housing agency, will work with Cambridge developers to create affordable housing projects in the city.

The first affordable units in