Perth, Australia’s largest independent data center operator, has secured a lease for a $3.5 million, 7.8-acre data center at the University of Western Australia.

The facility will house the Perth International Centre for Computational Science (WICCS) which is the world’s largest open data hub.

WICCS is Australia’s biggest open data data center, hosting about 4.7 million records and providing a data processing capacity of about 11 million square feet.

WicCS is owned by the Australian Research Council and will be operated by the Centre for Data Processing and Analysis (CDP).

“This is a significant milestone in our ongoing effort to become a global leader in the field of data analytics and computing,” Wiccs CEO and co-founder Stephen Jones said in a statement.

“The collaboration with ARRL, as well as our many other partners and investors, will enable us to provide a new computing platform for our customers, partners and customers, enabling them to access, store and access, search, process and visualize the world around them.”

The project was first announced in August and will cost about $1.6 million a year for the 20-year lease.

Wicccs is aiming to build a $1 billion data center in the next five years.

“We will be building a data center that will be a catalyst for the development of the future and will support the global data enterprise,” Jones said.

The data center is expected to be completed in 2018.

The WICC will become the headquarters of the world-class data processing facility for global industries.

The building is located in Perth’s central business district and is being built with a combination of private investment and state-of-the-art state-owned building technology.

“WICC’s headquarters will become a hub of data processing in the world,” Wiccc CEO and CEO John Phelan said.

“With this new venture, WICS will create a global data center and provide an important opportunity to harness the power of our new open data architecture.”

The Wicc team plans to expand the facility with additional computing and data processing equipment, which will enable the company to “become the leader in computing, and the world at large, with a high-performance computing platform,” according to a statement from the ARRL.

“Our mission is to provide data to the public and industry for the benefit of the public, our communities, our planet and ourselves,” Jones added.

The Perth International Center for Computation Science will be home to the WICs data processing hub.

“Perth is the centre for data processing and analysis, providing a major opportunity for the city to become the world leader in data processing, data science, and analytics,” WIC chief executive Greg Smith said in the statement.

WICS is Australia ‘s largest open source computing centre, hosting more than 4.5 billion records, including data from the Wiccas Global Data Centre and

“This facility is a milestone in the WAI data hub’s history,” Wichic said.

Wichics data center also provides access to the world wide web.

The city has the third-largest concentration of computers in the nation behind London and New York.