By Andrew Rannou Andrew RannaouA new generation of job seekers is turning to technology to find work, according to research from IT and HR experts.

In a new study from IT company Manara, we found that in the first year of work, nearly 60 per cent of jobseekers use an app to apply for a job, while almost a third of them also have an app for their social media profiles.

“A job is a big opportunity to get an idea of your potential, and to find a company that fits your skillset, which is why you need to have an idea about what your potential is,” said Manara CEO Tom Kostroff.

“We’ve seen that people that use technology to gain insight about their potential will do better than those who don’t.”

In the same study, Manara found that while nearly half of jobseeker said they had never had a bad experience, nearly one in three jobseekers had experienced a negative experience, and the majority had had an unpleasant experience.

“The majority of job applications come from people looking for a new job, but there are also people looking to find jobs in their field, and that’s a lot of people,” Mr Kostrow said.

“I think it’s really important to recognise that a lot more people need to get to know their potential, they need to understand the skill set they’re looking for, and then get to work to find that.”

Job seekers with more time to plan and think ahead have a greater chance of finding a good job.

“It’s a bit like the idea of ‘the journey is the destination’,” Mr Kustrow said, referring to the idea that the job seeker will not only be able to look for work in the future, but also to be able find new ones in the long term.

“There are a lot less people out there who have the experience and skills that a career in a field like technology would take, but the experience will be the same.”

Manara has set up the Job Search App Challenge to encourage jobseekers to think about what it takes to get a job and to make the right decision about what they want to do in the job market.

To participate, jobseekers need to apply to jobs in the following areas:Software development, social media, social marketing, IT, marketing, retail, hospitality and hospitality services.

“You can apply for jobs at any time, anywhere in the world, and you won’t have to worry about finding a job,” Mr Rannaow said.

Manara also runs a job search portal called Job Search Now that connects jobseekers and employers to a list of employers.

“If you have the right skillset and are prepared to learn, you can apply to any job in the company,” Mr Manara said.

You can also apply to positions via the Job Finder app, which lets you search for jobs through your favourite apps, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Manarara is the world’s largest provider of digital services for job seekers, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.