Abbotsford, B.C. — A new wave of new and exciting big projects are happening across the country, including an $80 million expansion of a big manufacturing facility at the edge of the city.

“We’re seeing a lot of projects with huge development and they’re building a lot on land that they didn’t previously have,” said Michael Dolan, the city’s deputy chief development officer.

“It’s an exciting time for the city.”

The $80-million expansion at the Glenbrook Centre includes a new plant that will be built in two phases, with the first phase being completed in 2019.

That phase will produce products such as clothing, electronics and household products.

The company that will build the plant is now under contract to the city to begin construction.

“They’re building their first production facility, and it’s going to create a lot more jobs than they originally planned,” Dolan said.

The city has invested $5 million to expand the Glenwood plant and will continue to do so. “

This is going to be a great boost to the economy.”

The city has invested $5 million to expand the Glenwood plant and will continue to do so.

A big investment in the community has meant the city has more land available for the development of a second factory, which will be a big part of the expansion.

The new factory will employ around 3,000 people, which is about a quarter of the workforce at the first plant.

That project, which started as a single-story factory, will have two levels, and will be connected by a new pedestrian walkway.

The city is also adding another two buildings to the plant, including a new office and retail space.

“The Glenbrook expansion will bring about the kind of economic opportunity that we have been seeking,” Dola said.

It also means the city is now able to get some additional funding to pay for the construction of the new plant.

The other big development is the construction, with $30 million for a new $2-million manufacturing facility.

The project is being funded by the federal government’s Economic Action Plan, which helps provinces with their economic development efforts.

The money will be used to develop more manufacturing facilities in other cities, and to fund infrastructure projects.

The province has also been funding the project, as has the federal and the B.D.N.T. “What we’ve done is get these projects funded from the federal level,” Dolic said.

The B.F.T., which is a non-profit, is responsible for many of the investments that have been made by the city in the development and construction of its industrial parks.

“Our major contribution has been to the growth of the industry in this province, and our major contribution to the economic development of the province has been the development projects we’ve made in the industrial parks,” Dolar said.

 “The city is investing a lot into the manufacturing industry, and the government has also provided a lot to the industry, particularly in terms of infrastructure.”

The expansion of the Glen Brook plant will be one of many big projects that are underway in the B.,C.,T.U. and U.S.B.I. regions.

A recent report by the Banting Institute showed the U.K., Germany, and Canada are all among the top three industrial areas in the world.

The report says China, Russia and India are also among the biggest growth economies in the region, with China seeing the fastest growth, while South Korea and Japan are among the least active industrial areas.

“The U.B., B.

T and the rest of the industrial zones have been growing in terms, and we think that will continue in the future,” Dolin said.

But the Bantings report also shows that the industrial park sector in the U, S. and Canada is now the largest in the country.

For the next few years, the Bants report shows the growth rates of industrial parks are expected to continue to rise, with average annual growth of 8.1 per cent in the next three years.

It’s important to note that the Basingstoke Industrial Park is just one part of a larger effort in the city, Dolan noted.

The City of Abbotsfield has recently started a new urban development plan, which aims to build more community amenities and employment opportunities.

Dolan said the City of North Abbots, which includes Abbotsville, has also expanded its role in the economy, and is working to attract more businesses to the area.

One of the other key areas where the city plans to be investing money is in the health care sector.

The Health Care City plan, launched in September, includes the establishment of a $500 million health care investment fund.

The fund will help build hospitals, health centres and other health-care facilities.

In 2019, the North Abbot Health Care District and North Abots Health Care Trust have formed a