The Sydney developer who bought a development at the heart of a massive redevelopment project for the city has won a $4.5 million contract to redevelop the site, which has become a site of national importance.

Sydney developer Javid Pashley said his $4 billion Brownfield project would be the biggest in Sydney’s history.

“This is a fantastic investment for Sydney, for Sydney development and the redevelopment of the Brownfield,” Mr Pashly said.

“It is going to be the largest redevelopment in Sydney history, but I think also for the development of the entire state of NSW.”

And this is an important investment in the future of this region and I think this is going a long way towards making the area a great place to live.

“Sydneysiders are among the first to benefit from the $5.5 billion redevelopment plan announced last year.

The project is being billed as one of the largest in the world and will see a $3.5-billion development project to be built on the former site of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, where the former Olympic and Commonwealth Games stadium is being redeveloped.

The massive development is set to include an apartment block, office blocks, retail and office parks.

The site was previously home to a hotel and office building that was demolished in the 1980s.

The NSW Government said the development would provide more than 25,000 jobs in Sydney, as well as a new pedestrian bridge that will link the old Harbour Bridge to the Darling Harbour.

It is understood the project is expected to be completed in 2022.

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