The world of international development is full of people who get caught up in the hype of new ideas and projects, hoping they will suddenly become reality.

But in many cases these new projects have already been built.

A project may be under way, but its proponents have already started construction.

For example, the World Bank has been working on a new regional development fund that would create jobs in rural areas and help countries overcome poverty.

But this new project has been put on hold because it was deemed too ambitious.

The world is also in the midst of a series of new projects, some of which are well underway.

Some of these are not necessarily projects of new development.

In fact, they are not even new at all.

The term “development” is a misnomer.

In the developing world, the term “aid” is used to describe the various forms of social and economic development that are undertaken in a given time frame.

There are many different forms of aid.

Aid is sometimes referred to as “development aid” or “development assistance”.

In some ways, it’s quite different to the traditional aid which is delivered to the developing countries themselves.

The goal of aid is to improve the lives of the people affected by the aid.

In other ways, aid can be considered to be a kind of public service.

This can include social and cultural development, which is the aim of the aid itself, or infrastructure projects.

This article is part of a three-part series.

The third article examines some of the key differences between aid and development.

The next article will examine some of these differences.

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