A new college campus project in Minnesota is getting some help from a veteran Minnesota politician.

State Rep. Tim Walz said he’ll donate $10,000 to the Reno Project, a new student-led initiative that will bring affordable housing to the Twin Cities area.

Walz, who represents the north Minneapolis district, said he was inspired by his former boss, Gov.

Mark Dayton, who was a vocal supporter of Reno, an effort to improve affordable housing in Minnesota.

“It’s an opportunity to make the city more affordable for all of our students, and I think the governor is very excited about it,” Walz told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The state’s housing crisis is worsening, but the current housing crisis could last another three years if it goes unchecked, according to the Minneapolis Housing Authority.

The Reno project is an initiative from the Rebuild Minnesota campaign to bring affordable, publicly funded housing to underserved neighborhoods.

The group is raising $1.5 million to build 25 rental units for students, staff and community members who can’t afford apartments in their current neighborhoods.

The group also is raising money for a second building.

The Rebuild MN project is part of a broader campaign that is trying to turn the Twin City into a model for other states and cities.

The city has been trying to build affordable housing for years and is expected to complete its first affordable housing development in about three years, Mayor Tom Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen has said the state needs to build at least one affordable housing project each year for years to come.

The university has been working to build an affordable housing complex on its campus, but it has been slow to make progress and has been struggling to pay off student loans.