Posted June 10, 2018 06:19:51It takes a village to build, and a village in the middle of nowhere is no exception.

The city of Naples has built a new neighborhood on the shore of Lake Michigan in a project that is set to open its doors to a few hundred people this fall.

The Lakeland project, which is set for completion in 2020, will provide affordable housing for low-income families, according to Mayor Mike Veregge.

It is part of a larger effort in Naples to build up its downtown, which has struggled to find its footing over the past decade.

The city hopes the new project will help revitalize the area, which was ravaged by the Great Recession and has a long history of gentrification.

The Lakeland proposal will include a park, a convention center, shops, and offices.

The development is being led by developer Andrea Vereger, who said it is a project for the future.

“It is a community that we want to be part of.

It’s not just a building,” Veregar told The Associated Press in an interview.

“It is an important part of the future of Lakeland.”

The project is one of several planned by Lakeland as part of its redevelopment plan.

Other plans include a $150 million apartment complex, retail and a hotel.

Lakeland is planning to spend $70 million to build three new apartment buildings.

The project, in which a developer will sell the land to the city, is expected to cost $100 million.