Google is planning to build a new game development centre to provide training and support for programmers and game developers to help them become better developers, in a move aimed at tackling a growing problem in the industry.

The new centre, called “Mojangs” will be at the heart of the company’s ongoing effort to bring its tools and services to more developers.

It will include a full-time software engineer and three part-time support staff, and will be staffed by experienced coders who can develop games for “the most demanding” needs.

“We’re always thinking about ways to be better developers,” CEO Sundar Pichai said during a keynote at GDC.

“And we’re not the only ones.”

Pichai is aiming to attract and retain the best talent from the games industry, and this centre will be a key part of that effort.

“Mozums” will offer a training programme, including hands-on tutorials and mentoring sessions, for programmers, as well as software development work.

It’ll also provide support for the “game dev journey” by giving developers a platform for sharing ideas, discussing strategies and feedback.

Pichais speech at GDO 2017 in Los Angeles, California, featured several slides detailing the goals of his organisation, and the nature of the job.

It included a slide with the phrase “learn how to make games” in it, and included a list of areas the organisation wants to focus on.

“You’ll get to work with some of the best game developers in the world,” Pichais said, referring to the likes of the developers at Sony, Blizzard and EA.

Picking a particular job, the slides show, would “provide the opportunity to help developers find the right career path”.

The company said the centre would help them “work on games for more than one platform”.

“The MobiSuite program, a training program for developers, is an essential part of the MobiSolutions initiative to enable developers to make a living from games, with access to the best programmers and support,” the slides read.

“The program has over 40,000 people in over 40 countries.”

The MogaSuite programme offers a free, one-week course that focuses on game development, and is tailored for programmers from “any skill level”.

It offers two options: a four-week bootcamp with no experience required, or a three-week intensive course that requires developers to work on their game for up to six weeks.

MogaSuites are “free, one week courses for developers that offer a structured learning experience, with hands-ons that help developers discover new skills,” the company explained.

“They include hands-free instruction and hands-off coaching.”

The course starts with “getting your feet wet”, and “getting comfortable with coding and creating games”, it continues.

“After the bootcamp, you’ll move onto the intensive three- week course, which includes hands-On coding sessions and mentorship sessions.

This course covers everything from coding to coding to making games.”

MogaSolutions is part of Google’s broader efforts to get its services into the hands of more developers, with the aim of helping them “get their feet wet” with their own projects, rather than relying on outside help.

Google is also looking to expand its developer-centric focus to more software development and development tools, as it attempts to “get more developers on board”. 

MogaWorks, the company that runs the MogaSites, has already signed on to provide the company with an “internal-facing” platform to develop new game apps, with more projects coming to it soon.

“We’re building a new platform that will allow us to build apps that people will use and want to use,” Google’s Picha said.

“This platform will help us build apps faster, make it easier to build more apps, and make it possible for people to build new games.”

Google will open up the Mojangs project to developers in 2019.