The Gujarat government has decided to announce the construction of a $30 million project in the state for the dairy project development and operation of the Gobi Milk production project.

The project is part of a larger plan to develop the region as a dairy production hub.

The project will include a dairy, a pulp mill, an irrigation project, a power plant, a manufacturing facility, a processing facility and a distribution facility.

The proposed project is aimed at providing the state with 100,000 tonnes of milk per annum by 2021.

The first phase will be a 50,000 tonne dairy.

The second phase will cover the remaining 10,000-12,000 tnene milks per annums.

The Gujarat Government has also decided to start a two-phase dairy project in Gujarat.

The state government has committed to complete the first phase by 2019-20.

The government has also set up a committee to design the next phase of the project.

The committee has also been tasked to come up with a final report on the project by March 2021.

The state government had earlier committed to construct two 100,00 tonnes of dairy and pulp mills in Gujarat by 2021-22.

The previous government had set a target of building 50,00 tonne of pulp mills and 100,0000 tonne cotton mills by 2021, which had been set for 2020.