By K.V. Krishna and K.G. VaidyaThe first phase of the project to build a 1,500 sq. ft. development of Bhak Tapur in Hyderabad is set to begin on Wednesday.

The BhakTapur Development Project (BPT) was announced by the Hyderabad government last week and the project is being built on land acquired from the BKC government in 2003.

It is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

The BPT was launched as a project of the Department of Urban Development (DUD) and was the brainchild of a former minister and senior bureaucrat, Rajendra Kumar.

The land for the Bhak Tarpur project is owned by BKC.

BKC is the owner of three other land tracts in the area.

The development is being done under a tender process which was conducted by BKCL and the state government.

“It is an attempt to create employment opportunities for the youth and ensure a positive image of the city, which has been beset with poverty, pollution and pollution-related issues,” BKC Chairman R. R. Sharma said.

“There is a need to bring more employment opportunities to the city,” Sharma said, adding that it was also an opportunity for people to live in harmony with nature.

He said that the land was owned by the city government and was not owned by any individual.

He also pointed out that the BKL Development Company, the private company that was awarded the project, was a partner in the project.

The developer, Ramesh Jain, said that he has been looking for land for development for some time.

“The land is quite close to the railway station, and we have been doing the work on this land for about 10 years,” Jain said.

Jain added that the company is working on the first phase.

He added that BKC was also in talks with the government to build three housing units.

He, however, denied that he had any plans to build new housing units for the people living in the Bhagat area.

He instead said that there was a plan to develop some housing units in the surrounding area.

A large number of people living on the land have been forced to migrate from the area after the development began.

Jains project is in line with the plans of the government for the area, which aims to bring 1,000 new residents to the area within five years.

The plan was announced last year and the developers are yet to announce the exact cost of the land purchase.