The AURorA developer team has released a new Android SDK for the Google’s mobile platform, which brings the Android SDK platform into line with Google’s existing Android SDK and includes a number of enhancements, including support for GPU accelerated applications.

The release, which has been in the works for a number years, comes in the wake of the Android 4.2 release, in which Google added support for the new AOSP graphics API and other GPU accelerated graphics capabilities.

In addition to the new Android 4 SDK, the team has also released the Android 5.0 SDK for a further two years.

“With AURora 4.1 we have added support to a number GPU accelerated APIs including: OpenGL ES, OpenCL, Vulkan and OpenCL ES,” the AURors team wrote on their AURoreas blog.

“We have also introduced support for OpenCL on ARM platforms.”

“As you can see, this brings AURoring to an even better standard, and makes AURo to be a more complete tool for developers,” they added.

“It also gives developers the ability to use AURoS Android SDK to compile their own custom applications.”

The new AURO SDK for Android is available now for the public and is supported on the latest Android platforms.

“While it’s not clear if the SDK for Google is compatible with AUROrA’s existing AOSP code, it appears the team will be using AURoras Android SDK.

The AOS SDKs are generally used to create and distribute Android applications.

While AURorica is currently only available for Windows, the SDK is also available for MacOS and Linux.