It’s the week of football, which means it’s time for the latest news about stadium developments, stadium sites, stadium expansion plans, stadium upgrades and stadium construction. 

 The following news outlets are reporting on the developments. 

More: The new Westfield F1 Stadium at the Olympic Park in Melbourne will be the new home of the Melbourne Storm. 

“A new Westfields F1 stadium is set to be built on the site of the former Westfield Australian Football Stadium, after it was sold to a consortium of Chinese investors.

The new venue, to be named after former Storm players and former footballers Paul Green, Matt Lucas, Tim Paine and Chris Yarran, will be built for the Storm in time for next season, and will feature a brand new stadium designed by the Australian firm Pavecava.” 

(AAP, 7/22/14) The Sydney Swans and Adelaide Crows are among those that have confirmed they are planning to move to the city. 

And the Adelaide Football Club is also planning to expand its existing home. 

The Adelaide CFL’s new stadium will be known as The Oval, after a proposed building site, and the club will also be looking to extend its existing stadium at the city’s former Soccer Park. 

AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou said last week that the CFL was also planning a new football ground at the new stadium. 

(ABC News, 7,8/1/14, emphasis added) A new stadium is a major development project for many NFL teams, with some of the most notable developments to come in recent years, including a new stadium for the Miami Dolphins. 

But, as it is, the NFL is currently unable to secure an expansion team’s new home.

(The Associated Press, 7-23-14)The San Francisco 49ers are expected to be one of the first teams to move into a new home in 2019, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times. 

However, the 49ers were reportedly not included in a list of 20 teams who were being courted to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

That report added that the Niners are considering a number of potential locations, including Santa Clara, San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis and Detroit. 

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