When it comes to developer skills, there’s a clear winner: the ones who have been building apps for years.

And there are some very solid reasons for this: most of them have a solid grasp of the language and know the concepts that they need to master.

That’s why I think developers can be trusted to deliver great apps.

Here are my top picks.


Ryan Calo Ryan Calonos work at a software startup called D3.

He previously worked as an engineer for Spotify and Google.

He’s a graduate of the University of Maryland’s Annapolis School of Engineering and the University at Albany.


Ryan Fenton Ryan Fentons background is software engineering.

He was a developer at a startup called Yandex, where he worked on the search engine.

He currently works for a startup that helps startups build tools to manage and distribute their code.


Chris Wysopal Wysomal was a software engineer at Microsoft from 2010 to 2016.

He has experience working on the Bing Maps search engine and the Office 365 team.

He also built a tool that lets you find the right web app for your app.


Dan Seaborn Dan Seaby is a former software engineer who also worked at Microsoft.

He is currently a senior software engineer for a company called Hadoop.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in computer science at the University in Chicago.


Ryan Pugh Ryan Paugh was a former code developer at Facebook from 2008 to 2011.

He worked on Bing Maps, Facebook News Feed, and the social network.


John C. Kukla John Kuklah is a software developer from St. Louis, Missouri, who has also worked for Google and Microsoft.

His background includes working on Office 365 and building a tool for developers to collaborate on a shared database.


Jens Haefelmann Jens haefel is a cofounder of the team behind the popular Spotify music streaming service.

He started his career at Microsoft where he was a Senior Developer for Bing Maps.


David Lee David Lee is an engineer who worked on several popular enterprise software products, including Oracle Database, SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Database, and Microsoft Azure.


Michael J. Shultz Michael Shultz worked for Oracle from 2001 to 2007.

He got his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University Of Wisconsin-Madison.


Jason Meeks Jason M. Jones started his software engineering career at Sun Microsystems in 1996.

He later joined Oracle in 1999, where, in 2002, he was named the company’s CTO.

He left Sun in 2003 to build a business software company, Oracle Cloud Services.


Matthew Ritchie Matthew Riddle worked for Microsoft from 2004 to 2009.

He had his Bachelor Degree in Business from University of South Carolina.


John Bailor John Baily was an architect at IBM from 1997 to 2004.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Engineering from Stanford University.


Scott W. Johnson Scott W is a senior developer at Google, where his background includes building the search engines for Google Maps and YouTube.

He joined Google in 2004, where in 2008 he became a senior designer and architect.


Paul J. DeLong Paul JdeLong is a developer from San Francisco, California.

He spent several years working on Microsoft Windows and a decade as a developer on Linux and Apple Macintosh systems.


Kevin Schaller Kevin Schallion worked at Google from 2011 to 2016 and is now a senior director of development at Red Hat.

He built a framework for building web applications.


David Karp David Karcharz is a Java developer and CTO at Microsoft, where they build the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Microsoft SQL Database.


Adam Wiggin Adam Wigerin has a Ph.

D. in computer engineering from the Indiana University Bloomington.

He attended the University College of Technology, where was a member of the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) team.


James A. O’Brien James A., who is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, has worked for Adobe, Microsoft, Intel, and others.


Alex V. Khachikova Alex Khachikhov has a bachelor’s degree in computer physics from the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Michael Balsamo Michael Balamo has worked at Mozilla from 2007 to 2017.

He holds a bachelor of science in computer sciences from the State University of New York, Buffalo.


Christopher C. Farr Christopher C.’s background is a technology developer and has worked on both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.


Mark M. Hulley Mark Hulkin has a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.


Christopher B. Coughlan Christopher Coughlin is a Senior Software Engineer at Google and worked on Google Maps.


Matt Taylor Matt Taylor has a B.A. in Computer