We’ve seen a lot of mobile app projects pop up over the past few years, and this year marks the first time we’ve seen any projects from the top of the charts in Georgia.

Mobile app development has been a huge industry for the past couple of years, with a lot more developers taking a chance on creating mobile apps for consumers, so it’s no surprise to see that the top five projects in the state are all made by local startups.

Mobile developer Austin Anderman’s mobile app, the Todoist app, was one of the first projects to be picked up by Georgia-based AppX, which was launched in March of last year.

Todoists is now available for download on the App Store, and Austin has shared a couple of his plans for the future with us.

The first of these is to open up more of his existing businesses to the public.

He also said that he plans to open his app up to be sold to a larger audience, which we can all dream of.

Andermans plans to focus on a mobile app for Todoism, but he said that there’s a few other projects that he would like to see him build in the future.

The second, and perhaps most exciting, project is the creation of a mobile web application for the University of Georgia.

This could be a major game changer in the mobile app space, as the university has been working hard to create a digital experience for students.

While it may be a bit far-fetched to see the university move into a web version, Andermen said that the university is open to working with him on the idea.

This project could allow for the development of a new way for students to experience the campus, as well as provide a better learning experience for their peers.

In addition to his app, Austin has also partnered with a local software company, Fiddle, to create another mobile app.

He said that they’ll be working closely with the university on a project for which they are fully-insured.

The final app that we’re looking forward to seeing from Austin Aterman is the project that’s currently making headlines.

He says that his team is working on a real estate app called Apartment.

Atermans company is currently developing a real-time platform for the city of Athens that can be used to create real-estate listings and buy and sell properties.

The project has already gained a lot attention in the Atlanta metro area, with the first real-world listing on the site going up last week.

While there is still a lot to learn about the app, we’re eager to see what Austin has in store for the coming year.