4.0 – A New Look at ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ project 4.1 – ‘Halgustrated’ is in development, according to Microsoft’s Dan Lippert, and ‘The Crew’ is working on a sequel article 4,0 – Xbox Live Arcade game ‘The Last of Us’ in development for Windows 10, according the game’s developer Naughty Dog, but it’s not yet in production article 3.9 – ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ is getting a PS4 port, with Naughty Dogs boss Adam Badowski confirming that a PS Vita version will be coming soon.

A PS4 version of the game is also in the works, with ‘The Game’ boss Christofer Sundberg confirming that ‘The Wild Hunt 2’ is also being developed for PlayStation 4.

Naughty dogs’ CEO John Koller is in the UK, and is reportedly on board to help with the port.

4.4 – ‘Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition’ is finally in the pipeline, according Naughty dog’s Mike Donais.

‘The Minecraft: PlayStation Portable Edition’ will be a handheld version of ‘Minecraft’, with the console version being made with PlayStation 4 in mind.

5.3 – ‘Dead Island: Riptide’ is on track for a PlayStation 4 release, according developer Sierra.

5,0 — Xbox Live Indie Games title ‘Puzzle Quest Remastered’ is still in development and has a tentative release date of late 2017, according its publisher, Sierra.

7.4 — ‘Dead Space 2’ may not be released this year, according Sony.

The developer is still trying to make the sequel, according IGN.

8.2 — ‘The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct’ is a standalone game with no release date in mind, according publisher Telltale Games.

10.1 — ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ is currently in development at Sony, according Game Informer’s Peter Molyneux.

10,0 (and counting) — ‘Sonic Mania’ is reportedly a new project that could see the return of the legendary Sega Genesis game.

11.2 (and not counting) – ‘Saints Row IV’ is being developed by Namco Bandai.

The studio is also developing a new Saints Row game with publisher Square Enix, according TechRadar.

11,0– The new ‘Dead Rising 4’ is going to be a multiplayer-only shooter.

11-12.5 — ‘Prey’ is already in development.

The new title is being made by Epic Games and Sony, with a release date unknown.

12.5 (and less than that) — Ubisoft has ‘Sniper Elite 4’, according to TechRad.

12,0- ‘Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’ is heading to PS4.

13.0 — ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ is nearing release on PS4, according Kotaku.

13,0+ — ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ is due to release on Xbox One in 2020.

14.2 – ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS3, according EA. 14,0-, 16.0-, and 18.0- – ‘Risen 2: Dark Waters’ is now on Xbox 360.

16.5 – ‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ is scheduled to release in 2020 on Xbox.

18.1- ‘Hobbit: Wizards of Endor’ is out in early 2020, according Eurogamer.

19.0+ – ‘Assassins Creed: Rogue Leader’ is an open-world shooter set in the same universe as ‘Assalad’, according EuroGamer.

20.0 (again) — “Star Wars: Battlefront 2” is currently slated to launch on Xbox, PS4 and PC in 2020, but no date has been announced.

20,0, and more — ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ has been canceled.

21.0, 21.1, and 24.0– ‘Unfriended’ is set to release as a standalone title on Xbox Live on October 12, 2018.


– ‘Darksiders II’ is the latest entry in the series.

25,0 — ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ is officially being developed as an episodic series.

26.0  — ‘Resistance: Fall of Man’ is launching on PS3 in 2020 according to Eurogamer, and has been confirmed as a sequel.

26,0.5- “Destiny: The Taken King’ is not yet confirmed, according Capcom.

27.0 — ‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’ is slated for release on PC and PS4 in 2020 and a PS3 and PS Vita port is planned.

28.0— ‘Horde’ is confirmed for a 2018 release.

29.0 — ‘The Wolf Among Us’