In 2017, more than $2 billion in federal money went into projects across the country.

Here are the most notable and ambitious projects in each province.

TOP Five Most Significant Urban Development Projects in Canada In 2017: 1.

$1.5 billion in projects to improve flood defences in the Niagara Falls region.

The project was funded through the Natural Resources Conservation Fund and the Canada Infrastructure Investment Bank.


$900 million in new parks, trails and greenspace in the Toronto area.


$750 million in green space, cycling and pedestrian pathways in the Greater Toronto Area.


$650 million in community facilities in northern Quebec.


$350 million in regional infrastructure improvements and public spaces in the Calgary area.

TOP 5 Most Significant Infrastructure Projects in North America in 2017: 1.

$890 million for transit projects across North America.

2,600 kilometres of subway, commuter rail, buses and light rail lines.


$6.3 billion in new transit infrastructure across Canada, including $2.4 billion for Toronto and Hamilton.


$2 million in transit infrastructure in Ontario, including major projects such as GO, Metrolinx, and the GO Transit system.


$3 billion for new transit capacity in Quebec, including the CN Rail network and the new LRT network in Quebec City.

TOP 10 Most Significant Investment Projects in the World in 2017 TOP 10 Least Significant Investment Project in the world in 2017 (per capita) in Canada: 5 billion dollar infrastructure investments in China, India, and Russia.

10 billion dollar investments in India.

TOP 100 Most Significant Corporations in Canada in 2017 The top 100 corporations in Canada are: Corporation Total Revenue: 10,717,945 Total Assets: 6,096,061 Total Assets per capita: 4,053,818 Source: CPAJ Report 2016