Donald Trump is using the money from his Donald J. Trump Foundation to invest $250 million in digital project creation, including $25 million in a Brampton-based digital project developer, the company said Monday.

The Trump Foundation announced the investment in an executive order.

Trump is the only major Republican candidate for president who has a foundation, a nonprofit that has been used by the presidential candidate to create businesses and other projects.

Trump also has other businesses, including golf courses in Dubai and an airport.

Trump has said the money would go towards a new digital infrastructure and an “inclusive” digital marketing strategy.

The Donald J and Jill Trump Foundation has raised more than $20 million since it was founded in 1985.

The Brampton development company, called Brampton Development Group, is a subsidiary of the Trump Foundation.

It has also partnered with the Trump Organization to build an airport in Dubai.

Trump’s political activities are not limited to his foundation.

His son Eric is the CEO of the Trumps Organization, a major Trump business empire.

The Trumps have been linked to numerous business deals.

They include the acquisition of the Miss Universe pageant in 2005, the building of Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, and the sale of the Chicago Cubs to the New York Yankees.