A few days after I wrote about a new community of 100 people in the remote village of Bajrangi, the project that I was writing about was being built on top of an old, dusty and overgrown farmhouse.

This is the first project I’ve seen of the Greenfield Village, a development that was first proposed by the Greenfields Development Corporation (GDDC) in 2011.

I was working for the GDDC, which was a small NGO, when I first heard about the project in 2013.

The GDDC said it was looking for a community of 1,500 people to live in a village in Rawalpinder, about 60 km (37 miles) west of Lucknow, in the Bajangarh region of Uttar Pradesh.

The village is located on a steep, rocky hill that overlooks a huge forest and the Brahmaputra river, which flows into the Bikaner river.

The project’s main purpose is to create a mixed-use village with high-density housing, a grocery store, and a health centre.

It has been proposed for about 20 years, but has yet to get the green light.

The government had already allocated about Rs 5 crore for the project.

But this is just a fraction of the funds needed for the village, which the GDC says will be built on land that it acquired from the local government.

According to the GDCA, the village will have two main objectives: 1.

Developing a mixed use village with a high density housing complex to accommodate over 1,000 people 2.

Providing healthcare facilities to over 500 people The villagers will be divided into four sections.

Each will have an area of about 4 hectares, which will include a hospital, a health center, a school, a clinic and a gymnasium.

The main entrance of the village is planned to be a four-storey building with two floors.

The residents of the villages will be expected to pay the government of the day rent, and then get a part of the income from the village’s revenues.

The villagers’ primary residence will be a flat, with three bedrooms and a bathroom.

The land for the site is already earmarked for the development of a road and a road bridge, which would facilitate access to the village.

In the next two years, the GDMC plans to construct a school and healthcare centre.

But that will be about it.

What is the village about?

The villagers are supposed to live together in the village on a flat structure in an old brick house.

The houses will be rented out for five months, and they will be able to move in and out of the building, and access a wide range of amenities including a grocery shop, a bakery, a pharmacy and a small supermarket.

But the project has come under fire.

It is estimated that the GDCD has raised about Rs 2,200 crore for construction of the development, but a group of villagers in Raw, who had objected to the idea, have filed a civil suit against the GDCC, alleging that they have not been adequately compensated.

It was only after a local resident of the district who was also involved in the project came to the town that the project was cancelled.

The case against the villagers was eventually settled, and the villagers’ land was sold.

But what has happened to the land?

The village has two main properties, and both belong to the district administration.

The one owned by the district has a 10-hectare (35-acre) plot in the district, which is under the jurisdiction of the local district magistrate (LDM) and is currently being used as a village hall, according to a person in the office of the District Collector.

However, the land has been allocated to the township administration, who has not yet given it back.

The other one, owned by a private developer, belongs to the local authority.

The district administration has allotted land for constructing a road.

However the road is yet to be completed.

The person who is also in charge of the land told me that the road was finally constructed a few months ago.

Why was the project cancelled?

The land is owned by several companies, which have been trying to buy it.

One of the companies is the Bharti Airtel Group.

The others are companies that are still under construction, but which are now getting ready to start construction on their projects.

The road will run through the village of Rawal, but the land on which it is being built is in an area called Baghwali village.

The Airtels and the other developers were planning to use the Baghwali village for the construction of a new road.

The Baghwatli district government has allotted the land for these two projects.

It appears that the villagers, who have lived in Baghwa village for some time, have not seen a single development in the area in the last 20 years.

But they are now concerned that