This article originally appeared on Vice News.

Vice’s new project to build a 100-year-old brook-lyn development is going full steam ahead.

The Brooklyn Development Corporation announced Monday it will kick off a $5.8 million, 2,000-foot-long “Brick-and-Mint” project in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

The plan is for the project to span four different sections of Brooklyn, with the first two sections built as part of the project.

The project will be financed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Brooklyn’s mayor, the project’s chief engineer, and a variety of other city leaders, said Brooklyn’s city manager, Mike DeSimone.

The project will span four sections of the borough, with portions built as a part of a citywide initiative.

The building is scheduled to be completed by early 2019, according to the project website. 

The Brooklyn Borough Council will vote on the final plans on March 6. 

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