The project that would make an anacostian development site in the heart of the city of Jacksonville better known has been delayed, but it’s unlikely to go ahead.

Anacostes was awarded the $60 million contract by the state in January.

It’s the first major industrial development project for the $5 billion project, which has been stalled for months.

“We have a big project coming, and the time is right,” Mr Brown said.

A spokesperson for the Jacksonville City Council confirmed the delay.

“The City Council has not yet received a formal request for a final permit to proceed,” spokeswoman Jessica Schaffer said.

“We are currently reviewing our permit application to determine what action to take next.”

The project would create a new industrial park and development site, as well as a retail centre, residential housing, and office space.

The council approved the $10 million contract with the state, which included $3.5 million for the project.

“This is a big win for Jacksonville,” Mr Schaffer told

“It’s going to be a very exciting project for us.”

But the project has been plagued by delays and cost overruns.

After months of delay, the State Government announced a new contract with developer Pecan Street Development to build a $15 million industrial development in the Anacostias project area.

However, the contract is yet to be signed.

And the developer has yet to sign a contract for the construction of the retail centre in the centre of the Anasites.

Mr Brown said the council had already agreed to fund $6 million to start the construction, but that the State is still negotiating with the developer to secure the remaining $6.5 billion.

“They’re going to have to sign the project now, but if they can’t sign it, then we’ll be left with a very big gap in the funds,” he said.

The Anacosis industrial development is expected to be complete by the end of 2020, and is expected generate $10 billion in annual economic activity.