A massive development project in Brisbane will break ground soon, with a $3.5 billion project expected to be built in Millbrae.

Key points:Developers are working with local residents on the project in MillbayMillbrae residents are now hoping to have their say on the new developmentThe project is expected to cost around $2 billion, with construction expected to begin in 2020A $1 billion investment is being made to upgrade the existing Millbay train station.

It will also include a new bridge that will link the Millbraes waterfront to the city, and a new pedestrian bridge linking the MillBay and Brisbane Railway stations.

Millbraes residents are hopeful they will be able to have a say on what the new project will be.

“We’re going to get a lot of residents here and we’re really excited about it,” Millbraee resident Louise Young said.

“It’s really going to be a great place to live.”

Millbraegre residents have been asked to be vocal on the proposed Millbay station project.

“If the Millbay gets redeveloped and we have a new line running to Millbra, that’s a good place for us to go and work,” Millbrays Mayor Tim Wilson said.

Millbrays local government representative Tony Gaffney said he hoped the community would have a chance to speak with the developers.

“They’ve got a pretty good track record, they’ve got good infrastructure,” Mr Gaffsey said.

He said the council was keen to hear from residents and residents’ groups about the project.

Millbridge station has been a key part of Millbraean life since the 1930s, and is now used by hundreds of people daily.

“The Millbraegres will be the second station to be upgraded to the modern standards, with modern amenities,” Millbridge Mayor Nick Kipp said.

Millbridge residents are keen to have an say on whether they will get a say.

“Millbraean residents have an interest in their local council having a say in this,” Millbrook resident James Daley said.

Mr Wilson said the project would not affect the Millbray train station and would allow the city to “build on its strengths”.

“It will provide a great connection for Millbraese businesses and for residents to the rest of Brisbane,” he said.

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