An article on the Fox Sports website about the topic, entitled “What is a Development Project?” has been removed due to copyright issues.

The article was published in April 2015, just two months before a similar article appeared on the same website that covered the proposed $1.6bn Darfur National Development Project.

“Darfur Development Project” was the name given to a $1 billion federal-funded development project to bring Darfur, which is in the Democratic Republic of Congo, under democratic rule, a project that was abandoned after years of political strife and violence.

The US government has repeatedly stated that the Darfur project is not an ‘inherent threat’ to US national security.

But it is a project, funded by US taxpayers and overseen by the Department of Defense, that has been plagued by controversy.

Darfur is considered a civil war, and is the largest and most violent conflict in Africa.

Despite a peace deal in the 1990s, the conflict continues, and more than 200,000 people have been killed.

Critics of the Darfuri project have said the US has neglected the conflict and the thousands of displaced people and their communities, and that the US government is failing to properly fund development.

At the time of the article’s publication, the site did not offer any response to the issue.

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