You may be wondering what is the difference between database migration and database upgrade.

The answer is twofold.

First, migrating a database is the act of changing its primary key.

If the primary key in the database was changed, the database cannot be accessed anymore.

This is the case if you have moved to a new database, you have to do it again.

If you’re using Oracle’s latest releases, it is possible to migrate to a fresh database and then upgrade the database, which can be done as follows:1.

Go to the Phoenix installation directory, and navigate to the databases/ directory.2.

Click the New button to create a database named db.database, and name it db.


Click OK to proceed.

Next, upgrade the MySQL database.

The upgrade wizard should now tell you which database you need to upgrade.1.

Open a new MySQL window in the IDE and navigate from the database name that was created to the database you want to upgrade, which is mySQL.2, Navigate to the upgrade wizard, select the database and click Next.3.

In the database upgrade wizard screen, enter the new primary key that you need and click Finish.