A+ grades for the MLB’s National League Championship Series, and the league’s “National League” championship series.

The NLCS was the first game of the series, and its ratings were good enough for the National League to win its first championship since 1908.

A ratings boom, as you might expect.

Here’s what we found: A+ ratings for the NLDS: 1.

MLB’s NLDS was the second of three consecutive years with a ratings boom for the NLCS.


MLB has averaged a record-high 3.8 million viewers per game, which is the most viewers ever for a NLCS game.


The NLDS drew 2.1 million viewers.


There were 7 million viewers for the first-ever live stream from MLB’s stadium in Anaheim, California, in an MLB Network broadcast.


The first two NLCS games were the most watched MLB postseason in a decade, as the Cubs beat the Phillies in Game 4 and the Cardinals beat the Rockies in Game 5.


MLB was the only major league sports network to show a game in which a player threw an inning-ending single.


The third-highest-rated NLCS regular-season game of all time was the Dodgers’ 6-4 win over the Cardinals in Game 6.


MLB is the only team to have a player win a Game 6 of the World Series with a bases-loaded walk, with Nolan Ryan in 2006.


MLB had the best postseason record in the NLC since 2005, when it was the No. 2 baseball league.


MLB won its first title since 1918, with the Cubs winning the NL Central title, then the NL East.